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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lightseekers: Augmented reality trading cards, smart toys plus free video game

Lightseekers is a groundbreaking new platform that connects video games, smart action figures, artificial intelligence, interactive trading cards and more in ways never seen before.

Lightseekers is far more than just a game; it’s the fusion of fantasy and reality powered by PlayFusion’s technology platform that integrates video games, smart action figures with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, interactive trading cards and more, creating the most ambitious transmedia entertainment platform ever envisioned.

Lightseekers is an action and fantasy adventure role-playing game built for mobile and tablet (available on Mac/PC in 2017) that will be entirely free to download with no in-app purchases.

Building on the PlayFusion team’s experience developing more than 150 best-selling games, Lightseekers is reinforced by an epic, ever-changing storyline that will be updated regularly so there will always be new adventures, new lands and new characters to experience. Lightseekers will immerse players in a deep, vibrant, lore-filled world, while seamlessly integrating fantasy with reality in completely new, innovative and compelling ways.

This unique capability comes via the hi-tech FusionCore, the powerful mini-computer embedded within and the “brains” behind PlayFusion’s smart connected toys. The FusionCore completely eliminates the need for cumbersome NFC portals allowing the game to seamlessly connect to 7” collector-quality, articulated smart action figures, which will be manufactured, distributed and marketed by master toy licensee TOMY.

Players flip the “on” switch and instantly transport their hero into the game, enabling real-time, two-way interactions between the game and the figures as well as between figures. Figures talk, vibrate, and use different colored lights to show levels, status, warn of impending danger and help guide or even control gameplay.

On top of all these features, each figure is uniquely tagged and develops its own identity and personality through its digital experience. The character’s unique attributes, accomplishments, social circle and lineage are stored in perpetuity. In other words, the game automatically remembers the last character played, enabling on-the-go play without figures in the state that it was when it was last connected. Any progress made is then updated when the FusionCore is reconnected.

Lightseekers also offers next level interchangeable accessories. Equipping a weapon or accessory onto an action figure will have an immediate effect in the game and vice versa, opening up new abilities and adventures. As with figures, weapon and accessory stats are stored within, so they can be shared in real life, helping friends unlock special content or letting them “level them up” and return them with more experience and power than before. In addition, flight packs can be added to any hero, allowing players to magically control their in-game character by moving the toy.

There’s also a completely interactive collectible trading card game with 385+ cards at launch that further enhances the Lightseekers universe. The digital game, the physical trading card game and the figures can be enjoyed independently of one another, but when played together the experience will be even more enjoyable. Each card, when scanned by the Lightseekers game, delivers immersive augmented reality experiences, rewards game players, and unlocks powerful in-game abilities. In addition to cards, the Lightseekers game can reward players for interacting with almost anything—songs on the radio, shows on TV, movies, posters on the wall, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless.

With a goal of raising $200,000, the Kickstarter campaign will help fund the final production of the game itself. Any additional support beyond the goal will be reinvested into the total experience, meaning more playable characters, more figures and accessories, more connected content and more gameplay. The key backing levels include options starting from $1and has opened today.

The Kickstarter campaign will welcome fans into the Lightseekers universe with beta test participation, discounted product offerings and highly sought after in-game recognition exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Additionally, the Kickstarter campaign offers unique funding opportunities with valuable rewards including immortalising backer names in the game credits, designing a custom pet to appear in the game, and taking Bertha, the PlayFusion tank, for a crushing ride.

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