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Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to unlock the three new mystery characters Crossy Road Katamari update - Android

The latest update to Crossy Road celebrate the cult classic game Katamari Damacy.

Two are based on Katamari two on Halloween plus three mystery characters. You can find out how to get them below...

Princess of all Cosmos

Play as Prince of all Cosmos and roll up a large number of items (little boxes, teddy bears, toasters, chairs and other rubbish lying around) into your Katamari ball. If you manage to collected enough trash before it's game over you'll unlock the Princess of all Cosmos character.

King of all Cosmos

Again play as Prince of all Cosmos and collect even more rubbish before 'game over' and you'll unlock the king character.

Queen of all Cosmos

You'll have to unlock the KIng of all Cosmos to access the Queen. Play as the King who shoots out rainbows every few hops. Change a large number of objects into rainbow colours to unlock the Queen of all Cosmos secret character.

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