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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - solo campaign Trials of Radimus - PC Mac

The cards have been dealt for the six Legends of Chronicle as they – and players – are tasked with overcoming the ‘Trials of Radimus’, the new single-player campaign for Jagex’s acclaimed online strategy card game.

Taking part in a series of adventures set by the Grand Vizier of the Legends’ Guild, Radimus Erkle, players battle to overcome perilous quests and win the right to add Erkle to their deck . The launch of Trials of Radimus heralds the addition of new dynamic chapter environments, and a global and friends chat system.

Since its launch this summer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends has offered a compelling and original collectible card game (CCG) experience, as players battle against their own cards while strategically working to overcome their opponent across five rounds of play. In addition to the campaign mode, the latest update also unlocks Chronicle for new players who aspire to be Legends, as the game makes its debut on Mac. Three new environments from the Karamja region of the RuneScape world of Gielinor – Shilo Village, Karamja Volcano , and Musa Point – have also been added to the journey.

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