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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Anno 2205: Frontiers DLC - PC

Anno 2205: Frontiers is the final DLC to the City-Building Simulation developed by Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio. Frontiers allows players to seize three new sectors, each featuring special sector projects and challenges.

The new high-level Synthetics faction will also be introduced, demanding rare materials from the most experienced players.

The Frontier DLC brings back elements from previous Anno titles such as multiple smaller islands in one sector and the ability to activate military conflicts in regular sectors. It’s the ultimate challenge for all players and completes the Anno 2205 journey.


Three new SECTORS with unique characteristics

Madrigal Islands
Offers traditional Anno flair in the temperate setting with lots of smaller islands to expand. Players will uncover Shady Dealings and increase their World Market routes.

Savik Province
This continental Arctic Sector invites players to travel the vast snowfields by unearthing geysers to gain new lands. The freed geysers can be used as a heat source for surrounding snow camps.

• Greentide Archipelago
Players awake the Man-Machine Synthetics, a new faction with high-level demands. In order to get into contact with the Hybrids, players have to excavate a precursor facility and bring it back to life.

Synthetics level

The new faction is a true challenge for all Anno experts. They will require lots of high-level materials, but mastering them will result in very effective workforces.

Enemy invasions

Military missions can now be played in regular sectors. Players can call their fleet to fight hostile brigades and secure their trade routes.

Corporate Individualization

Unique ornaments displaying players’ cooperation logos allow more customization options for the cities.

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