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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Line of Sight - Modern Military FPS - PC Online

Line of Sight takes place in a modern military setting in a twisted reality. Following the aftermath of World War 2, defected German scientists succeed in breeding genetically modified soldiers, under a government sponsored agency called PIA to enhance soldiers with super human powers. However, the first generation had some defects and PIA wanted to destroy them all. The test subjects fled to Russia to form a group called “Psygen.”

Psygens are unpredictable, very powerful and willing to do anything to survive. PIA branded Pysgen as terrorists and ordered the immediate start of another research project to breed a second generation of super human soldiers known as “Centurion”. The Centurions are more loyal but are not as powerful as Psygen in their current form.

To fight against Psygen, PIA knows that they have to launch another project to augment the Centurions powers. And to make them without any defects, they first breed a genetically perfect human called the “Alpha Child”. Psygen also knows about this, and wants to have Alpha Child in their custody.

Now, the epic battle begins between Psygen and Centurion, and whoever gains control over the Alpha Child will have the power to destroy the other.

Line of Sight has the following exciting features:
Next-Gen Graphics
LoS graphics push the latest GPUs to the limit. The game also supports settings for better optimization and options for increasing game performance on various computer systems. Your investment on graphics hardware will be well justified in LoS.

Unique Game Content
Line of Sight is a modern military FPS with unique elements called, SuperPower(SP). SP includes Psionic Abilities where you can inflict large damage to your enemies, and ESP, a magic power often seen in RPGs.
SP makes unique gameplay possible and it is unavailable in traditional FPS games. However, for those who only like traditional FPS games, LoS provides “Classic Mode” where users can completely turn off the SP features and enjoy the gameplay of traditional FPS games.

The most detailed Weapon Tuning System
LoS is the best in its class and offers a realistic weapon tuning system. It includes not only primary weapons, but also all secondary weapons which will have many customization options. We pay special attention even to minute details to ensure a high level of realism. The weapon attachments will be shown in disassembled view where you can inspect each individual part.

Highly customizable Character System
Line of Sight has the most detailed weapons tuning system but it doesn’t just stop there. Likewise, the character customization features a highly customizable system very similar to weapons tuning. It’s not only fun to play with customization system, but it also provides users with their own unique characters that are easily recognizable from others.

Built-in Real-time Statistical Analysis
Line of Sight will analyze your game play statistics by map, weapon, game mode, and more. Users can have an overview of their progress and also study and learn from the gameplay data, all available directly within the game.
Aside from analyzing their personal gameplay data, players may also browse the competitor’s statistics.
Best of all, the complete statistical data is available real-time which is useful immediately after each gameplay.

Social Network System
Line of Sight integrates Facebook into the client directly. You can use your own Facebook profile image and invite your Facebook friends to play the game together.
You can also take a screenshot at any time and upload it to your Facebook account to show off to your friends.

Built-in Ranking Match
Line of Sight provides Ranking Matches for both Individuals and Clans. The ranking data is immediately updated upon completion of each match so that user can see the changes in rankings real-time.
There are all-time rankings and several periodical rankings so everyone has more opportunities to influence rankings regardless of durations of participation.
Expect more exciting updates in the future including Innovative PvE modes, a Custom Map Editor, a built-in professional tournament system, and MyRoom (Custom Hideout).