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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hired Ops Character Leveling and Skill Upgrade System - PC

Hired Ops is a session-based online shooter dedicated to fierce conflicts between rival mercenary groups battling on a global scale.

Using the latest weapons and special equipment, players take part in armed encounters, unite into private military companies, carry out contracts, build bases and aggressively compete with each other - all for the sake of domination in the world mercenary market.

In Hired Ops, by researching different skills on the skill tree, players can gradually upgrade their character to enter one of the four specializations.

At a particular level, the players will have to decide what role their characters will play on the battlefield. Once the specialization is selected, the other three branches of upgrade will be closed.

Along with four main branches, Hired Ops skill tree features two auxiliary ones, responsible for pistols and modifications.

Hired Ops is scheduled for launch in Q4 of 2016 on Steam's Early Access.

Players can sign up to learn more about Hired Ops at the official web site -

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