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Monday, August 08, 2016

Warship Battle : 3D World War Navel battle Game gets third update - iOS Android

Warship Battle is a mobile 3D action game with authentic military vessels and missions based on historical battles.

Its predecessor Gunship Battle has already garnered the attention of over 70 million players worldwide, but whereas Gunship Battle featured jets and helicopters, Warship Battle will take the player to the fiery waters of the World War II era, in which the player must helm mighty warships in historic naval clashes.
Warship Battle recently has accomplished over 15 million downloads globally.

Warship Battles takes you into the deep water, allowing you to control the most iconic warships of World War 2 in epic 3D battles. Newly added limited edition vessels – the Black Skull and submarine: Gato will allow you to feel the historical battle scene.

Best of all Warship Battle lets you customise any vessel you choose with a range of different weapons – plus you’re given the chance to show off your latest creations with the new museum system where points and rankings are on offer for the best ships in the game.
Hidden Missions also got an update allowing beginners to enjoy the battels more easily by including two new lower level stages.

Steer the wheel in Warship Battle’s new contents on the App Store or Google Play now.

Update Feature:

1. New limited edition warship and submarine added
- Limited Edition Warship: Black Skull
- New Submarine: Gato

2. New Contents updated
- Museum System: Show off your warships with other competitors at museum! players can display their warships at Museum and earn museum points. While being displayed, the warship cannot be used for battle. The museum points will vary by the grade and kinds of warships. You can be ranked up by museum points.
- Battle Arena: Asynchronous PVP, PVC is also available when having at least 3 warships, different rewards will be given by scores

3. Existing Contents such as 'Hidden Mission' and 'Boss Attack' Significantly Improved
- Difficulty balanced for hidden missions by breaking down stage by 6 levels. (Previously the highest level was 4)
- New stages on ‘Boss Attack’(Stage 11, 12 added)

4. New officer added
- 10 new captains added (2 captains added per each branch)

5. Lobby, Various Images, and UI Changed

Download on Google Play:
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