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Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Z: The most advanced gaming mouse ever - PC Mac

If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z will let you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.

Use Tilt to lean and take a shot
Swiftpoint’s previous Kickstarter project, earned the Best Computer Peripheral Innovation award, at the largest technology show in the US (The CES). Now, after more than three years of development, we are ready to launch The Z.

Place the Z on the 3-Axis Extender for the ultimate free-form control of flight and space sims

Read and join the Kickstarter project here -

It's the world’s first mouse to pivot, tilt and roll, with a brand new way of clicking buttons - meaning you can access dozens of different button actions while barely moving your fingers. The Z also senses how hard you click, giving variable speed / force control, and provides tactile feedback, so you know when you’ve made a ‘deeper click’.

We built in an Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse.

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