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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Banner Saga 2 - German, French, Italian and Polish versions on PC Mac

Build 2.32.38 Update

Added 4 new languages: Deutsch, Français, Italiano, and Polski!
More coming soon!


  • Stonesinger Rupture now deals explosive damage as a strength attack that can be mitigated by the victims' own armor stats, rather than a direct strength deduction.
  • Runic Gale Willpower buff subtracts from base and not from the buff after it wears off. This affects some other stat mods.
  • Eyeless' Infected Strike no longer wears off on caster death.
  • Improve video playback smoothness on some machines.
  • Add Texas Film Commission logo to credits crawl (before special thanks)

  • Fix primary cause of the dreaded 'AI moves but then does nothing else' bug. If an AI is trying to make it across the board to a particalar target, but cannot get into range, the AI will now attack something else within range if possible.
  • Fix occasional Survival Mode save game corruption.
  • Fix issue causing Defy and/or Protected flytext to appear when a character that was previously protected from death is hit. The flytext now only flies when the character is actually protected.
  • Dramatically reduce possibility of rectangular units ending up overlapping other units when moving.
  • Fix Battle info flag of enemies remaining enlarged after attacking them.
  • Fix More Willpower stars appear than expected when using the horn after selecting attack type.
  • Fix Spar's Insult ability can target and be used on barricades.
  • Fix Puncture bonus strength does not apply on Rain of Arrows hits.
  • Fix Eyeless' Infected Strike affecting both archers in Old Ford even if not in contact with each other.
  • Fix Stonesinger infection spreading to, and through, Skulkers.
  • (Gamepad) Fix problem selecting Reload Battle button in the options menu during Survival.
  • (Gamepad) Fix issue using horn _after_ the first movement of a male horseborn.
  • (Gamepad) Fix problem giving a Character an item in the Character stat Screen.
  • (Gamepad) Fix issue causing multiple battle info flags to remain enlarged.

Build 2.32.38

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