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Sunday, August 14, 2016

ROME: Total War for iPad

ROME: Total War is one of the best loved and highest-rated strategy games of all time. In ROME: Total War for iPad, players will experience hundreds of hours of gameplay with this Total War classic in all its full desktop-quality glory.

ROME: Total War is an epic-scale strategy game where players will experience the grandeur and brutality that was ancient Rome. Running from the late Roman Republic to the early Roman Empire with campaigns ranging across Europe and North Africa, ROME: Total War offers a seamless integration of strategy and tactics that allows players to fight spectacular battles, while using diplomacy, subterfuge and assassination to pave the road to ultimate victory.

ROME: Total War for iPad comes without compromise: players can take part in a full scale campaign, playing as any one of 11 factions; enormous 3D battles are fought with thousands of on-screen units; and, on the turn-based strategy map, players will manage the economic, civil and religious arms of their empire.

ROME: Total War utilizes an intuitive touch-screen interface to accurately replicate the desktop game's mouse and keyboard controls. It also features upgraded graphics that take advantage of the iPad's high-resolution Retina screen.

The ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion and ROME: Total War – Alexander expansion packs will also be released separately in the future.

Coming soon, ROME: Total War will be playable on first generation iPad Air and iPad mini 2 models or better.

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