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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Hero, Narbash, coming to Paragon on August 23 - PC PS4

Narbash is a beast who bangs on the drum all day, a Support Caster who specializes in crowd control and buffing his team as he charges into the fight. His Thunk ability allows him to lock down a singular target with a stun.

Narbash - Paragon
His March ability provides him with a movement speed aura, which can be devastating when combined with the Health Regeneration aura provided by his Song of My People ability. Narbash causes a ruckus with his ultimate Crash Bang Boom, slowing enemies in an AoE, then finishing his performance with a knockup.

Paragon is now free to play in open beta on PC and PlayStation 4, and Heroes are always free, so players can jump in as Narbash next Tuesday.

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