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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Civilization VI: Pedro II Leads Brazil

Pedro II, born in 1839, was the second and final ruler of the Empire of Brazil, a 19th-century state comprised of territories encompassing Brazil and Uruguay.

Pedro II, born in 1839 - Civilization VI
Civilization V players will undoubtedly recognize Pedro II, who led Brazil in the game after being introduced in the Brave New World expansion.

Groomed for rule from the age of five after his father abdicated the throne and fled to Europe, Pedro II was known for his strong devotion to his people despite his resentment towards the monarchy that robbed him of so much of his childhood. Despite this adversity and the crumbling state of the Empire his father left him with, Pedro II managed to steer Brazil towards prosperity until he was suddenly usurped in a surprise military coup d'état and exiled to Europe, where he remained until his death in 1889.

Unique Unit: Minas Geraes

This vessel was one of two unique battleships built for the Brazilian Navy in the early 20th century. Intended to secure Brazil as one of the international powers of the day, its creation sparked a naval arms race in South America and established Brazil as a strong naval power at that time.

Unique District: Street Carnival
The world-famous Carnival is an annual celebration featuring eccentric costumes and elaborate rhythmic parades across Brazil. Carnival varies between regions and goes on day-and-night in some parts of Brazil. It is easily the most famous holiday in the country and, in cities like Rio de Janeiro, can draw millions of participants, both locals and foreigners alike.

Pedro II earned the respect and admiration of some of the greatest scholars at the time, and is forever remembered as a champion of knowledge, culture and science.

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