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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seasons after Fall - story-driven and atmospheric puzzle-platformer - PC

Enter a world of mystery and adventure in this new atmospheric platformer by indie studio Swing Swing Submarine.

Seasons After Fall is a story-driven and atmospheric puzzle-platformer, inviting you to explore a mystical world ruled by nature and magic. Today, Seasons After Fall releases its official website, alongside screenshots that showcase the game's atmosphere and environments.

Seasons After Fall has you in control of a wild fox, on a journey to find the Guardians of the Seasons. To aid you on your quest, you have been granted the ability to change the seasons in order to manipulate the world around you. You will travel far and wide in order to meet these guardians, one of which we are showcasing today - the Eel, guardian of Spring. The rain from Spring allows you to raise the water levels, change the flora, and open up paths to new areas.

You will be visiting a variety of mysterious vistas, from dark caves, to flooded swamps. Every single location can be manipulated by the seasons, with each hand-painted environment changing beautifully as you work your way across the land.

Get entranced by the charms of this contemplative and poetic adventure, inhabited by the bewitching melodies of a string quartet. Dive into the charming world of Seasons After Fall, coming 2016.

In Seasons after Fall from Swing Swing Submarine, you are a wild fox embarked upon a perilous adventure, with mystical powers that allow you to manipulate the life of the forest through dynamically changing the seasons; powers that open new pathways and opportunities throughout the game-world depending on the chosen season.

Seasons After Fall encourages the player to explore a gorgeous 2D graphical world, accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack recorded with a live string quartet. Travel in search of the Four Guardians to reunite the scattered Seasons and restore order in the Forest.

Summon Winter to freeze a waterfall to pass, or call for Spring to make plants and flowers bloom, guiding you to previously inaccessible zones. Travel across forests, rivers and caves, and manipulate an ecosystem that is as uncanny as it is marvelous to unveil the secrets of this world.

Key Features
- Control the Seasons at will. Solve organic puzzles with various living creatures. Freeze, grow, and change the environment dynamically.
- Explore and discover an unknown world. Run, jump, yap, explore the world with no pressure.
- Meet the Guardians, strange divinities of the seasons and uncover a dark story.
- Enjoy the environment in all serenity, without enemies nor interface.
Seasons After Fall will be available on PC in 2016

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