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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PokeDetector: Android app that searches out Pokémon with your phone in your pocket plus lots more - Download link

No more wandering the streets with your phone in hand in the off chance that any Pokémon will show.

No more screams when your screen locks and shuts the Pokémon GO app down.

Just launch PokéDetector, carry on as normal, when any Pokémon comes within catching distance you'll receive a notification.

PokéDetector's map feature shows the location of Pokémon over a much larger range than the Pokémon GO app.

PokéDetector also lets you know how long each Pokémon critter will hang around before they disappear.

PokéDetector will also show notifications on you Android Wear devic

You can even set your own specific notifications if you're looking for a particular Pokémon.

It also saves battery power - so give your battery the break.

Download PokéDetector here -

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