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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Orcs must Die - Update adds Queen Bionka New maps, guilds and rating system

Patch 1.3 of team action tower defence game Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Mighty yet also a little cumbersome, orc queen Bionka joins the fracas in order to hold a protective hand over the minions.

Fans of earlier entries in the series will also be excited to see the return of the classic survival battleground 'The Baths' as well as the new 'Throne Room' map. At the end of successful survival battles, a 5 star rating system now promotes ambitions for highscore hunters, whilst like-minded players can now organise themselves in guilds at will and head out together on the orc hunt.

A heart for minions

Unlike her son, Bloodspike, Bionka does not profit from the suffering of her minions, in fact, the opposite is the case: she sacrifices her health to protect her minions. Her ability 'Sing An March' is one such example of this, where damage done to minions in a set radius around her is reduced. Should a minion die however, the damage is also transferred to Bionka. The orc monarch also regenerates her health faster the more of her own minions surround her.

The new guild feature improves bonds too: in future players will be able to unite within guilds, to work together towards shared goals within the game

and to play for points within the guild ranking leaderboard, which offers exclusive rewards for the top spots at the end of each season.

An overview of the key features coming in patch 1.3:

  • New hero: Orc Queen Bionka
  • Guild feature
  • Two new maps: 'The Baths' and 'Throne Room'
  • 5 stars rating system added to survival mode

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