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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bear vs Methlab Party PC Game

Bear vs Methlab will offer frenetic high-energy mini games with an emphasis on physics and destruction.

Competitions include the destruction of drug labs, puke fests, explosive-laden sports matches and a platform fighting game mode called Super Smash Bears.

The story, best described as a multi-dimensional space opera, begins when history's worst war criminal and time-traveling necromancer hatches a plot to cook and sell meth to fund his genocidal wars in alternate universes. Only an infinite number of bears from parallel universes can stop Hitler, and put an end to his evil.

Chasing Hitler through parallel universes will lead to bizarre locations and inhabitants. Enemies in New Mexico are foul-mouthed tributes to television's most famed meth cooks. The haunted house multiverse and levels features ghost baddies, which definitely aren't just guys wearing spooky bed sheets.

In case defying the laws of time and having fun with friends isn't good enough, you will also unlock cosmetic rewards at the end of each stage, utilizing hats, beards, sunglasses and other apparel to help your bear better stand out.

Bear vs Methlab is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000 CAD. The game will release no matter what happens in the crowdfunding campaign, but if successful the money raised will go towards expanding Bear vs Methlab's number of mini games and levels. Whitebox Interactive promises to not spend any of the money on bear traps.

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