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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - E3 2016 - PC PS4 XO

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be released on 27 January 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

To make the gaming experience of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be outstanding and the wait is definitely worth it. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is the most successful franchise of CI games and has sold over 5.5 million game copies.

The third part of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 series will be CI Games first completely self-developed AAA title and offers limitless war zones and a non-linear story, absolute playful freedom for snipers and numerous options to complete missions successfully, the Tactical Team.

The Team behind the thrilling action game Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is led by a former US Marine and current creative director, Paul B. Robinson. Robinson has extensive combat experience in numerous operations and can look back on an already 20-year career in the development of video games.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is available in 2017 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the All-in-One entertainment system from Microsoft, and PC Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 of CI Games appear on January 27.

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