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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Skyforge: New Akonita update cost and download details - PC

Skyforge’s newest update, Akonita. This update introduces a brand new challenge for players and introduces the most dangerous threat in the game to date. Players will face off against the devious invasion leader Akonita in a new instance that takes place on her spaceship as it is on its way to conquer the world of Skyforge.

Akonita rules her empire with an iron fist, taking over countless worlds, enslaving their people, and stripping those planets of any valuable resources it possesses. Take the battle directly to Akonita to stop her reign of terror before it even has the chance to begin! Board her invasion vessel and fight hordes of Akonita’s most violent and blood-thirsty warriors, evade deadly traps, and finally face off against Akonita herself.

In order to battle Akonita in style, new packs are now available. The Discord Packs are available from June 8th until June 22th and come in three variations: Techno Pack, Cultist Pack, and the Discord Combo Pack

Techno Pack - 13.99 EUR / 15.99 USD
Cultist Pack - 27.99 EUR / 30.99 USD
Discord Combo Pack - 35.99 EUR / 39.99 USD

Gunner Armor & Headwear
Cursed Armor & Headwear
Techno Pack

15 Days Premium Bonus
Assassin Armor & Headwear
Cultist Pack

1,000,000 Credits
25,000 Argents

7,000 Spark Replicators
7,000 Ether cores

2,500 Victor's Medals
2,500 Victor's Medals

15 Variatrons
1,500 Holy texts

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