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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hello Kitty & Friends game of dice download link - iOS Android

Game of Dice x Hello Kitty & Friends.

This update includes a new ‘Hello Kitty’ map which has different excitement from other map, but also cute and lovely new characters and dice using ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Pom Pom Purin’. And 2 new skill cards using ‘Hello Kitty & Friends’ theme will make gameplay more astonishing.

In celebration of the collaboration, Game of Dice is also holding various events to give out awesome event rewards such as 3-Star ‘Pom Pom Purin’ Dice.

And also Joycity will update additional characters, dice and skill cards using Sanrio’s cute and lovely characters soon.

New ‘Game of Dice x Hello Kitty & Friends’ Update includes:

1. New ‘Hello Kitty’ Map
‘Hello Kitty’ themed new event map with a bunch of heart and flower decorations
Increase toll on city by activating special block ‘Mary's Wheel’
Activates ‘Dimension Shift’ when landing on ‘START’ block

2. New ‘Hello Kitty’ Dice and ‘Pom Pom Purin’ Dice
New Dice with Hello Kitty’s and Purin's cute face engraved on
Give away 3-Star ‘Pom Pom Purin’ Dice to everyone who log in until 6/23

3. New ‘Pom Pom Purin’ Character
An adorable white puppy with blue fedora, ‘Pom Pom Purin’
Special event for new ‘Pom Pom Purin’ character: Give away special items and Golds when getting ‘Pom Pom Purin’

4. New Skill Cards ‘Vaulting’ and ‘Doodling’
‘Vaulting’ can possess Gold Ox for specific turns
‘Doodling’ makes selected player cannot move unless the dice roll is higher than specific number

Download on Google Play:
Download on App Store:

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