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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What goes into designing an eSports Gamepad the New Nacon GC-400ES Alpha Pad - PC

A gamepad? For eSports? Veteran peripheral maker Nacon just introduced the world's first eSports ready gamepad, a deadly precise new tool in any eSports player’s arsenal with Nacon's GC-400ES Alpha Pad gamepad for PC.

Developed by the skilled team at Nacon's product designers and engineers around the needs of hardcore PC gamers and eSports pros, the GC-400ES Alpha Pad will offer a fully customizable gamepad that features the same precision as a mouse & keyboard combination when gaming!

If you're heading to E3 we'll have hands-on demos with the controller, just let us know what fits your schedule.

Features of the Nacon GC-400ES: Alpha Pad Include:

- A customizable weight control system, tweaked with six weights ranging from 10-17g.

- An innovative structure to the right stick, increasing performance and gameplay possibilities.

- Exclusive software developed to provide greater accuracy, rivaling a traditional mouse for gamers.

- Two game modes: Classic PC (D-Input / X-Input) and Pro Gamer mode, focused on MOBAs and shooter games.

- Four game profiles: In the eSports mode, you can customize up to four profiles in the internal memory of the game pad without software installation, just Plug and Play.

Pre-order your controllerat

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