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Monday, May 09, 2016

Riders of Icarus the MMORPG free-to-play - PC

The titanic dogfights of Riders of Icarus, the MMORPG free-to-play on PC packed with action and adventure. This is the first official gameplay video of the game .

Fortune who courageously face the many pitfalls of this dangerous universe of fantastic sounding will be rewarded with new objects, but also by hundreds of unique mounts to tame bear the majestic fierce fire-breathing dragons. Founders packs with exclusive in-game bonuses are now available. They offer, among others, seven days in advance of the game open beta of Riders of Icarus, on 6 July.

In Riders of Icarus, players roam the sublime scenic lands, in order to save humanity from an ancient evil that resurfaces: their combat skills evolve as they explore the world and collect and tame mystical beasts they transform into reckless frames, and thus powerful weapons. Besides these aerial and terrestrial wanderings Riders heroes of Icarus also benefit from a combo system in close devastating body essential to defeat the numerous enemies and deadly bosses of adventure in the air or on land.

Founders Packs are available now and are available in three different versions, each offering exclusive mounts, skins, special items and the title of Founding Member:

  • Pack Elite Riders: we go for aerial ride of your life through the pack Elite Rider and mount its exclusive, early access to the game, a special title and much more at the price of 24.99 dollars (value: 41, 7 dollars)
  • Heroic Pack Riders: heroes forge their destiny with the Heroic Pack Riders, which offers the Elite Riders Pack content plus additional exclusive mount, 30 days of Premium Service and much more at the price of 42.99 dollars ( value: 105.86 dollars).
  • Pack Legendary Riders: one enters the big leagues. All contents of the Heroic Pack Riders, plus two additional exclusive frames, 24 slots inventory, 30 days of additional Premium Service (for a total of 60, so) between whatnot at a price of 89.99 dollar (value: 252, 75 dollars).

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