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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TransOcean 2: Rivals New screenshots coming on May 11th - PC

In TransOcean 2: Rivals, players take on the role as a boss of their own shipping line, going head-to-head with their international rivals in the quest to secure the most lucrative contracts and propel their business to global success and renown.

TransOcean 2: Rivals - maritime business simulation game
Starting out in one of 60 available ports with a small fleet of tiny merchant vessels, players will look to complete their first contracts to nearby ports in order to generate their initial funds.
From there, they will slowly expand their fleet, with a choice of Tankers, Container Ships and Bulk Carriers, establishing subsidiaries all over the world through the application of astute business practices, planning their voyages with foresight and not underestimating external factors such as the price of oil or the activities of their rivals. A sophisticated economic system influencing all types of goods within the game also ensures that players will be faced with a variety of macroeconomic challenges.

TransOcean 2: Rivals will feature three single-player modes – Campaign, Endless Game and Competition – as well as a competitive multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Do you have what it takes to rule the High Seas?

· Three varied single-player game modes: The challenging ‘Campaign’, the tranquil ‘Endless Game’ and the ‘Competition’ mode against AI opponents
· The popular single-player 3D mini-game is back! Man the wheel of your own ship and navigate through some pretty tricky situations
· Compete against up to seven other players in Multiplayer mode and employ the best strategy to earn Victory Points
· New types of ship and cargo: Next to Container Ships there are now also Tankers and Bulk Ships, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses
· Improve your ships with a wide range of upgrades
· Over 60 ports across all continents
TransOcean 2: Rivals, the second chapter of their challenging economic strategy simulation series, will be released for PC and Mac on May 11th with a suggested retail price of £18.99/€24.99.

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