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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Minecraft: Pocket Edition site Lifeboat hacked 7 million accounts at risk

If you use Lifeboat, you can check the database within the next few days to see if your email address is a part of the breach. But it’s advisable that all Lifeboat users change all of their passwords if you use that login information on any other site.

Lifeboat recently force everyone to reset their passwords.

“When this happened [in] early January we figured the best thing for our players was to quietly force a password reset without letting the hackers know they had limited time to act,”

“We did this over a period of some weeks. We retain no personal information (name, address, age) about our players, so none was leaked. We have not received any reports of anyone being damaged by this.” a representative for Lifeboat explained.

Lifeboat Network was hacked in early January 2016, but they didn’t tell users, even million account details were stolen.

Passwords accessed by the hackers were only encrypted using MD5 hashing, allowing him to decode them using easily available online tools. Lifeboat have since implemented a stronger algorithm in response.

This does not affect the desktop version of Minecraft.

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