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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lost Reavers Official HD Game Trailer - Wii U

Team up with friends online to take down formidable enemies and deactivate various traps and locks to reach the treasure that lies deep in the stage. Successfully return with it to receive your share of the spoils!

Assortment of treasure hunters: Choose from a squad of expeditioners to tackle the missions ahead. Each charachter specialises in a distinct attack style.

Gain levels and unlock weapons: As you go on missions, your character will gain more skills, and increase their funds to acquire new weapons.

Tactical combat planning: Before the mission begins, organise your character to be the ultimate treasure seeker. Strategise with allies, modify weapons, or use items to give you that extra edge.

Explore environments: With a wide variety of different routes, puzzles and enemy spawns the same levels can be enjoyed again and again.

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