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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

15 top Minecraft hints and tips to get you started

1 Create temporary air pockets underwater using a torch - if you’re underwater and need place a Torch and the water will be displaced and you can grab a breath.

2 Build off the side of a torch - You can build off the side of placed torches saving the support block below and saving resources.

3 Break sand and gravel with a torch - to clear a stack of gravel or sand remove the bottom block and replace it with a torch. The remaining stack will collapse.

4 Hold up sand and gravel with a torch - Not only can a torch destroy sand and gravel it can also support them. Place a block of sand or gravel on top of a wall mounted torch and it will not fall.

5 Stack signs to make wooden building features - Stack signs in grid form to create some wooden details in your buildings.

6 Cut grass using only water - Just use a bucket of water and as it spreads it will clear the glass. Ideal for building.

7 Ladders and signs stop water and lava flowing - just place a sign or ladder in the way of water or lava to stop it in it’s tracks. Use it to prevent leaks when building underwater.

8 Find yourself face to face with a creeper? - do not run away. Push it with whatever you have. Then turn and run so it doesn’t explode right beside you. Thus giving you a chance of survival.

9 Creative Mode middle click trick - In Creative Mode use the mouse scroll wheel click to place what you’re looking at into your inventory.

10 Cool of Blaze with snowballs - in the Nether you can use snowballs the attack Blazes when you have limited arrows. The do the trick of cooling him off.

12 Make traps using Soul Sand - standing on Soul Sand makes you sink into the ground a little. If there’s a block 3 blocks off the ground with Soul sand below you won’t be able to pass it, a great trap!

13 Found some diamonds? Don’t use them on armour, use one on a pickaxe and use MineEdit to Super Repair it. Will last around 1,000+ cobble, 250-500 Obsidian, or 450-500 of the other blocks (iron, diamond, gold).

14 Create and infinite water source with only two bucket loads - Make a trench three blocks wide. Use a bucket of water to fill each side (not the middle) The trench will be filled. Take water from ONLY the middle section and it will remain full.

15 Find yourself in the face of a skeleton archer? Don’t run up and kill him do this:
1. Circle him & continue jumping around in a circle as you edge forward
2 Hit & jump back while dodging arrows
3 Repeat step 1
4 Before long he will be dead

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