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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Syndrome - Nightmare Aboard a Courseless Ship - PS4 XO PC Mac Linux Oculus Rift

Survival horror has become a bit too docile for Camel 101's taste, too often emphasizing atmosphere over the raw fear of danger. Their goal with Syndrome is to get back to the roots of the genre with limited resources and no shortage of deadly encounters.

It was a simple exploration mission aboard the fleet's most advanced ship. Somewhere, it all went wrong. Friends, coworkers… all dead, their misshapen remains stalking the narrow corridors. They are coming, and they will find you.
Syndrome returns to the roots of survival horror with woefully limited supplies, scarce ammunition, and relentless monstrosities that kill without mercy. Stranded on the dying ship, your only chance of escape is to uncover the truth, if you can live that long.

The creatures hunting you are stronger, faster, and utterly deadly. Watch their movements from the shadows, hiding in breathless anticipation for the right moment to strike or sneak away. Every encounter is an internal battle between fight or flight, your dwindling resources a tenuous lifeline to survival.

Syndrome is coming this summer to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Win/Mac/Linux) with Oculus Rift support at launch.

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