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Monday, March 21, 2016

New 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Trailer -- Time Travel, Dragons, and You! - 3DS

Although traveling through time can be a most excellent adventure, sometimes it must be done in order to save humanity from certain peril. In 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, the protagonist and his/her team must utilize time travel technology - courtesy of Nodens Enterprises - to cleanse the diabolical dragon menace that has consumed earth.

Specifically, True Dragons in three different time periods must be destroyed before the mighty 7th Dragon: VFD can be vanquished.

Simple enough right? Well, it's dangerous to voyage through time and space without knowing about the destinations, so we'll give you a rundown of the time periods and areas:
  • Present-day Tokyo - The year 2100 in Tokyo is your first stop in the game. The city is an urban jungle filled with hazardous areas like the subway line and landmark giant tower. However, if you need to take a breather from hunting dragons, Nodens Enterprises HQ is located here.
  • Ancient Atlantis - So naturally, you'll depart Tokyo and step back in time to the mythical ocean kingdom of Atlantis. Be warned, the capital city of Atlantica, royal palace, and Cladeon lower wards are rife with danger. Oh, but the blacksmiths of Atlantis are renowned for forging great weapons, so definitely worth a visit.
  • Futuristic Eden - The futuristic collection of states known as Eden will be the last time and place you'll explore. You can visit the Kazan Republic, the ruins of Preloma, or brave the mysteries of the sealed tower. However, it would be wise to remain vigilant as dragons and enemies haunt your every step. The future is definitely bleak, so don't be surprised if some people from that time period are sympathetic to your cause.
Want to get even more excited about your trips through time? Please view and download the new trailer above!

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