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Friday, March 25, 2016

ARK: Survival Evolved New Snow Cave Expansion + Eggscellent Adventure - PC

Major content update for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Available today on Steam, ARK players can now experience the one-week-only “Eggscellent Adventure” Event. During this limited-time event, players can collect special “Bunny Eggs” across the ARK, which they can paint or use in special recipes to craft Easter -themed items such as Bunny Ears, or even a Bunny Costume for the Procoptodon - but beware the ferocious Bunny-DodoRex that will roam the ARK throughout the week!

This update also includes the challenging new Swamp and Snow Caves, which are heavily-geared toward High Level Survivors, containing high-end loot, advanced artifacts, and more clues towards the mysterious Origins of the ARK; just watch out for the Snow Cave Yetis!

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