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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wondershot multiplayer game

Winner of multiple indie awards including Indie Prize’s Best Multi player Game 2016, Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer focused game with a strong emphasis on family-friendly party play.

Players will take control of different characters in intense “one shot and you’re down” rounds in different map environments. Learn to use the bow, boomerang, hammer, and slingshot to master the special abilities of each weapon.
Wondershot also encourages cooperative play as gamers can join together to take on waves of wicked enemies in environments that constantly change. Simple controls, quick pace of play, and surprising intensity make Wondershot an amazing multiplayer experience for all ages.

Wondershot Key Features Include:

  • Multiplayer Fun: Whether it’s intense competitive four-player matches or cooperative play against an endless wave of baddies, Wondershot is all about multiplayer fun
  • Intuitive Controls: Responsive controls and play mechanics enable gamers to focus on the multiplayer mayhem
  • Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Players choose from four different weapons, each with their own strengths and special abilities:
  • Arrow: Select from basic slow homing arrow or lightning-fast straight shot
  • Boomerang: Quick-firing weapon with special “hover” ability use for strategic sneakiness
  • Hammer: Powerful melee weapon with the special ability to fly through obstacles
  • Slingshot: Use the wall bounce ability to shoot big, slow, small or fast bullets
  • Unique Maps and Obstacles: Players must deal with shifting obstacles, mud that slows down movement, quick map portals, and much more
  • Challenge Mode: Learn the basic, master advanced tactics, and challenge each of the 45 challenge stages to get the top ranking

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