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Friday, February 05, 2016

Tacticians Dream - We Are The Dwarves Nears Launch - PC Mac Linux

The Dwarven stars are slowly dying-- putting the race at the edge of extinction. Hope lies in the depths of the Endless Stone, and 3 dwarven astronauts are sent on a perilous mission to find new life for their race.

We Are The Dwarves explores the depths of space, and a mission gone wrong, helmed by brave dwarven explorers - Smashfist, Forcer, and Shadow. Explore worlds and battle alien lifeforms in 3rd person action reminiscent of classics like Commandos and Dawn of War II.

Launching on February 26 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Whale Rock Games have released an in-depth look into the gameplay of their upcoming tactical adventure, We Are The Dwarves. Smashfist, Forcer, and Shadow all have a key role to play in your journey, and come together to form the dynamic balance between control, support, and stealth. In this video, Alexey Moskovchenko, project lead on We Are The Dwarves, shows just how crucial this understanding is, by showing each of the three dwarves abilities, and their implementation using the tactical strategy element of active pause.

Name: We Are The Dwarves
Developer: Whale Rock Games
Publisher: Whale Rock Games
Genre: 3rd Person Tactical Action
Release Date: February 26
Price: $14.99 USD
Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

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