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Friday, February 05, 2016

Stronghold Kingdoms: Island Warfare released - Free update introduces player ships, changing sea conditions and a new world map

The lords of Stronghold Kingdoms can now turn the ocean red by waging bloody war across 38 tropical islands with new, changing sea conditions!

Players must fight for a single kingly throne avoiding rough seas and the occasional hurricane as they attack, scout and trade across 18 provinces and 99 separate counties.

Conditions change daily with tail winds, rough seas, violent storms either slowing or accelerating the progress of attacks, trade ships and scouting parties as they move between islands.

Attacking forces may catch a strong tailwind and obliterate their enemies in the blink of an eye. Traders can double their earnings in a single day by all casting off while conditions are favourable. Scouts on the other hand could be so heavily delayed by storms at sea that, upon returning home, find their actions have sparked a conflict that has destroyed their home!

Releasing soon after Stronghold Kingdoms: Global Conflict, Island Warfare introduces fresh changes to the game’s most basic mechanics for hundreds of thousands of monthly active players. The top requested feature by players since the release of the ‘Global Conflict’ world map, Island Warfare renders old strategies irrelevant in a new mode where the movement of your forces is impossible to predict beyond current sea conditions. The first in a series of updates in 2016, Island Warfare paves the way for both a new events system and the release of Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android.

Players can download and play Stronghold Kingdoms: Island Warfare for free:

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