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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pokémon Direct - Pokémon Day celebrates 20 years of Pokémon - iOS

On Tuesday, February 27, 1996, video game fans were asked to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

This would be the beginning of a global phenomenon that has continued for two decades, through different regions, on multiple platforms, and countless memorable moments. Exactly twenty years later, on Pokémon Day, Saturday, February 27, the adventure continues as Pokémon celebrates its 20th year.

The fun begins with the Pokémon Photo Booth app that is now available for download at no charge from the App Store: Fans can show their Pokémon 20th spirit by customizing their portraits and adding captions in the style of classic Pokémon games. The photos cans then be shared or used to create Pokémon-themed profile photos. The app is also coming soon to Google Play.

A celebration of 20 years of Pokémon would not be complete without some big news. On Friday, February 26 at 3pm GMT, a special Pokémon Direct presentation can be viewed at

More details can be found at . Fans visiting the site throughout the year will find information about monthly Mythical Pokémon distributions, retail events, special products, and messages from some of Pokémon’s biggest fans.

Pokémon. Twenty years. Train On.

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