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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Over 15 million players shed blood, sweat and tears in Combat Arms - PC

Combat Arms, the free-to-play shooter with over 15 million registered players celebrated seven years of fierce multiplayer action this January, rewarding players with special 7th anniversary gifts.

Having a player base of over 15 million means a hell of a lot kills have been made over the years - 38,859,686,907 to be precise, or 38 billion, which is around five times more than the entire world’s population. 4,305,278,772 of those kills were clean head shots, which equates to a staggering 20 players getting a bullet to the brain every second.

Furthermore, in the past six months alone 24,123,067,826 bullets have been fired, which, if laid end-to-end could wrap around Earth more than 105 times.

To commemorate the seven year milestone and say thanks to the dedicated community, Combat Arms team created limited edition 7th Anniversary in-game gear and offered an incredible 700% EXP/GP boost to players.

The Combat Arms community has been integral in shaping the game over the years, and the Combat Arms team have continued to support the game with myriad new modes, maps, and guns over the seven years. In true Combat Arms tradition, the development team have plans to keep to the game feeling fresh going forward and are currently hard at work refining the user experience across multiple facets.

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