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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Creepy Road Game on Kickstarter - PC Mac Linux

Creepy Road is a from-left-to-right 2D indie game with classic game play, funny characters and great art style. After a successful Greenlit by Steam community and long Russian holidays Groovy Milk was step by step getting closer to start climbing Kickstarter’s peak and now they are almost here.

The game tells a story of a brutal truck-driver, Flint Trucker, with a big gun who wants to get home as soon as possible, his love – the rhinoceros’ trainer Angeline is waiting for him. But the car got broken, way to home is blocked by thousands of creepy animals and mad men. What is left to do?

Take a shotgun and discover yourself what the hell is going on!

What can you do in Creepy Road?
Survive in the mess of something-went-wrong world
There are few dozens types of enemies in Creepy Road, from animals and birds to crazy people who is running non-stop from all directions to catch you. Have a try to kill them all alone or with your friends, upgrade your weapons and armor and don’t forget to explore secrets on the way.

Enjoy amazing arts and graphic
All the characters and locations are carefully handwritten. Player will have a chance to survive in
crazy circus and gas station, fight against horrifying robots and wild bunnies and even break and
blow up standing around stuff! We tried to make this journey exciting, sufficiently bloody and good-looking.

 Feel small and powerless against huge bosses

Find out what happened
In spite of pretty straightforward gameplay the story in the game is a real mystery, what made everybody so mad? Why did only Flint survive? Will he find his Angeline? And what has that all to  do with bunnies? Make a try.

Release of Creepy Road is scheduled for summer 2016 worldwide for PlayStation, Xbox, PC,  Mac and Linux Platforms.

Key features:
1) classic from-left-to-right 2D shooter with jokes and fun;
2) No hidden overtones, pretty straightforward and brutal main character – Flint, the truck-driver!
3) Big gun, big cool bosses, big love (unexpectedly);
4) Secrets!
5) NO free-to-play !!!

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