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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spellweaver Card Game Coming to Steam February 1 - PC

Spellweaver is a fast-paced fantasy-themed online digital trading card game (TCG), created by a self-funded indie team of seasoned game developers with a passion for card games.

The game focuses on strategic depth and variety, while still being easy to learn. It is a game true to the classics of the genre, while adding in unique features to make the game quick to learn, yet challenging for veteran fans of TCGs.


  • Quick to learn, great for newcomers to the TCG genre
  • Deep mechanics and fast-paced battles at the same time offer depth to hardcore fans
  • Two-tier resource system requires players focus on mana and creature levels
  • Unique creature attribute: Speed. Slower units are unable to block faster units, requiring a balanced deck to have alternative ways to handle high speed opponents.
  • Customizable hero skills gained over the course of the battle for more strategic flexibility
  • Interactive combat system in which you can counterattack to defend or protect key units
  • Multiplayer duels, tournaments, and online leaderboards
  • Rich fantasy lore and cards from six magical aspects, each with its own play style


In 2011, Ivko Stanilov, the project lead, gathered a team of individuals crazy enough for the idea of building a full-featured online trading card game - Spellweaver TCG. He told us - "You don't need to be nuts to join us, but it really helps!" And there we were, an ambitious bunch of enthusiasts - brainstorming mechanics, testing with cards proxied on paper, often scratching everything and starting anew, struggling to create the online card game we always wanted to play ourselves. We put all our passion for games in Spellweaver TCG and we are all eager to make it available as soon as possible.

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