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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hero Forces, the Real-Time PvP Shooter - iOS Android

Blow Away Enemies in the Intense Cover Shooter that plays like a Non-Stop, Over-the-Top Action Film.

What has two thumbs and can save the world from terrorists? Mobile gamers who download Hero Forces… Playcube, a rising mobile games developer, announced today that its new PvP shooting game, Hero Forces, has launched in the UK for iPhone, iPad and Android and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
In Hero Forces, players will step into a supercharged world where, as members of an elite task force, they will take on terrorists and mercenaries from around the globe—or challenge rivals for supremacy in pulse-pounding, real-time PvP matches to see who gets bragging rights.

In the game, players move between cover points in third-person view while aiming and shooting at opponents using intuitive FPS-style controls. In Campaign mode, gamers progress through a series of challenging scenarios over four action-packed chapters where they must eliminate enemies and achieve mission objectives as they save the world from destruction by the evil organisation D.O.O.M. As they go, players will level up, buy new gear, and boost their weapons and armour to overcome increasing levels of challenge. In Survival mode, it’s all-out war as players take down successive waves of enemies in a variety of environments ranging from rain forests to cities to deserts. Hero Forces’ real-time PvP mode allows gamers to quickly take on friends and strangers in 1-on-1 solo battles or 2 vs. 2 team matches—and players can even team up to fight zombies in Co-op mode with up to 4 players.

Nearly everything in the free-to-play game can be customised and upgraded, including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, RPGs and armour. While players can buy upgrades and speed their progress, they are not blocked from progressing if they choose to play entirely for free. Players can recruit other heroes and equip them with advanced weapons and armour before they fight alongside the selected player character. The intuitive controls can be quickly mastered by shooter fans while rewarding skilled shooting with bonuses for head shots and combo kills. Players can also utilise grenades to take out groups of opponents, use RPGs to take down vehicles such as attacking helicopters, utilise environmental hazards like oil barrels to take out multiple enemies and switch weapons on the fly to eliminate enemy snipers and tough level bosses.

Playcube will support Hero Forces post-launch with additional updates including a new fifth chapter of Campaign mode missions, 2 extra levels for Co-op mode and new in-game content so players can always find new battles and challenges.

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