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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cross Myth MMOARPG Guardians of Divinity - Closed Beta

Featuring the Morph system and large-scale battles versus gods, G.O.D has a wild collection of Eastern, Greek and Egyptian deities, such as the Monkey King, Athena and Anubis. Players can now experience the game right in their browser for free!

To fight the gods, you must steal the powers of other deities that you encounter in your travels. G.O.D. integrates a novel Morph system, allowing player to transform into different gods or deities during a fight after accumulating enough Rage.
Challenging certain dungeons can allow you to collect soul fragments to upgrade your deities. To guard the true divinity, players have to stop the gods’ evil plan and possess their power to restore peace among the universe.

Guardians of Divinity Official Website:

Players will face various challenges not only from the main quest but also dungeons with different gameplay mechanics. Some dungeons will even take place in space and have you fighting space monsters! Take control of a Space Vessel and morph it into different forms to fight against the gods and their dark underlings in these dungeons. Only the chosen one will be able to finish the journey and reclaim their rightful position among the gods.

In G.O.D, the Cross-server Battle is also one of the exciting features players are going to experience. In the mythic universe of the game, human beings live in Sky Cities. As some of them contain precious resources, the war of claiming the Sky Cities has also begun. Guilds from different servers will fight in several cities during the Cross-server Battle event, where the wining team will enjoy massive resources that can be used to improve their Vessels, Wings and Divine Power.

When some gods start to harm the mortal world without mercy, for the sake of suspicion and fear, they have stained divinity. Now, jump into the world of G.O.D. to take the fate of the future into your hands and restore the rightful order in the universe.

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO developed by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you’ll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey Kingin your quest to return to your former position among the gods.

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