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Friday, August 14, 2015

Soccer Manager 2015 first football management game to release the 2015/16 updated leagues and teams

Soccer Manager 2015 is a free to play in-depth football management simulator. As with other football management games, you can make transfers, set team tactics (as complicated or as basic as you want) and develop your squad in training.

What makes Soccer Manager 2015 stand out, however, is its ability to update player ratings and team rosters in real time.

All thanks to the power of, another development from the team that created Soccer Manager 2015. With over 70,000 players and 3000 teams, users can create updated data packs for the whole Soccer Manager community to use in the game.

As well as constantly updated player ratings and teams rosters, the team at Soccer Manager Ltd have also made the game extremely accessible. Users can play their same saved game on any device, meaning you can manage your team from wherever you are. Andy States "In this modern day it is difficult to limit yourself to one platform but we also did not want our users to have to create separate games on different devices". Therefore, to combat this, Soccer Manager 2015 is created on a cloud-based save game system, so you don't have to worry about getting home to set your tactics on the desktop; you can simply login on a phone or tablet and tweak away.

Further developments are due in the game over the coming weeks, including more European competitions and a 2D match engine available to everyone.

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