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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TOTTER addictive App will get you tapping all the way to work - iOS

Totter is quirky with charming, hand-drawn, black and white hipster characters.

Each play is centered around one character (players choose at the start if they want male or female) but it’s impossible to get bored as the figure appears styled differently in a new costume and accessories every time - thousands of combinations are generated as you play.

An uplifting, catchy 1930’s jazz tune keeps you inspired as you tap away to keep your character balanced and in the game.

A cyber-balancing game that allows you to test your dexterity and reaction skills all in one simple, entertaining App. The aim of this new game is to keep the character balanced on the tip for as long as possible by tapping on either side of them. The rules of the game are straightforward, but Totter will challenge and keep players stimulated and determined to improve their score.

Acclaimed British animation director Jason Jameson created the App’s classic, hand-drawn black and white, pencil sketch character design, graphics and animation style. This couples with the playful 1930s jazz of

“One-Man Band” by Ted Weems Orchestra to motivate and engage the player. Players are constantly kept intrigued by the thousands of characters and accessory combinations. As the game progresses, the challenge becomes greater as players must dodge obstacles thrown at their characters and keep going as they encounter more and more surprises

If you want a challenge with your family and friends you can share your high scores on Facebook, Twitter or Game Center. This minimalistic game is highly addictive and players will persistently try to beat their own and their friends’ high scores.

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