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Monday, May 21, 2012

Vindictus Europe - Introducing a new enemy that really sucks, but in a good way - PC

Nexon Europe is treating players with a brand new update for Vindictus, the ultimate free to play action-RPG. Two new deadly raid bosses will be introduced – Succubus and Glas Ghaibheleann.


Enter the chambers of this beautiful seductress, a lady that is sure to take your breath away. But be weary of her beauty, as love and lives are fragile things. Two possessions this deadly mistress can easily take.

Glas Ghaibheleann

A demonic colossal who, for many years, has been chained and made to suffer. Now he’s free from his prison and his suffering is trivial compared to his burning desire to kill. Mercenaries who face him will test not only their skills but their courage and faith. Glas Ghaibheleann not only awes the player with its appearance, but it has unique abilities as well.
Mercenaries, prepare for a whole new battle!

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