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Monday, April 16, 2012

Nintendo downloads this week: Colors! 3D, Escape Trick Convenience Store and Rush Rush Rally Racing - DS 3DS

Pick up your stylus and shut away your easel because now you can master real painting techniques on your Nintendo 3DS. Colors! 3D, available on the Nintendo eShop this week, is a simple to use but surprisingly deep painting application, built specially for use with your Nintendo 3DS touch screen.

Whether you are looking to sketch, paint, or draw, Colors! 3D is your perfect digital sketchbook. Catering to everyone from serious artists to aimless doodlers you can now connect to the online Colors! 3D gallery and share your masterpieces with the world or paint with a friend on the same canvas using Nintendo 3DS Local Play.

Also available to play this week is GO Series: Escape Trick Convenience Store, on Nintendo DSiWare, which tasks you with using everyday objects found in a local shop to solve a mystery, while Rush Rush Rally Racing on WiiWare brings some classic top down 2D racing to Wii.

For the very first time on Nintendo 3DS, you are able to purchase video content, via the Nintendo eShop, and keep it on your Nintendo 3DS for as long as you wish! The first clip, The 3D Machine, is the story of a brilliant inventor who finally makes a breakthrough creating a wondrous invention only to leave it in the hands of his incapable assistant leading to wealth and love, but inevitably ending in a catastrophe.

Check out all the latest offerings which are available for download this Thursday via Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel below.

Colors! 3D (Collecting Smiles)
Nintendo 3DS (Download Software)
Nintendo eShop €6 £5.40 (UK Only)
Game Description: Colors! 3D is simple to use but has some powerful painting tools. You can learn modern painting techniques or simply colour in existing images depending on your skill level. Colors! 3D is tailored for touch screen devices like the Nintendo 3DS and allows you to create and view your own 3D paintings for the very first time.

The 3D Machine (Ka-Ching Cartoons)
Downloadable Video Nintendo eShop €1 90p(UK Only)
Video Description: 3D Machine, the first paid for video download on Nintendo 3DS, is here this week! After an inventor makes a breakthrough, he leaves his incapable assistant alone with his new wonder invention, which leads to wealth, love...and catastrophe!

GO Series: Escape Trick Convenience Store (GAME BRIDGE)
Nintendo 3DS(DSiWare)
Nintendo eShop €5 £4.50 (UK Only)
Nintendo DSi (DSiWare) Nintendo DSi Shop 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Game Description: After finding yourself mysteriously trapped inside a shop, you must find clues and solve puzzles to mastermind your way out and get to the bottom of what is going on.
Rush Rush Rally Racing (red spot games) Wii (WiiWare) Wii Shop Channel 900 Wii Points
Game Description: Rush Rush Rally Racing brings the fast paced 2D retro gameplay you've been waiting for. No sponsored cars, no realistic environments, just plain old top down 2D racing fun.

The SpotPass feature on Nintendo 3DS allows you to automatically receive a host of exciting content such as 3D videos for Nintendo Video, notifications, add-on data for your software and system updates without lifting a finger. SpotPass content can be received automatically and free of charge from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe and through wireless broadband internet connections at home. It works even if the system is in Sleep Mode.

Available this week, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS owners, is the seventh in a series of highly anticipated Shaun the Sheep 3D clips created for the very first time in 3D by Aardman Animations, the multi-award winning creators of Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. The seventh clip titled, Members Only, sees a very curious Farmer after he hears strange noises coming from a hay stack and goes to explore, but the Flock isn’t about to reveal its secret.

The sixth part in a series of Kid Icarus Anime clips is also available this week via Nintendo Video, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS owners. The sixth clip is part two of the third episode titled, Palutena’s Revolting Dinner, which centres on the goddess Palutena and her attempts to deal with a great catastrophe in her Skyworld home.

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