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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim HD map with treasure location

Skyrim features many different terrains, so you won't being constantly bombarded by snow. There are forests and mountains as Skyrim is the most rugged region in the continent. It contains five of the highest peaks in Tamriel, Skyrim is snowy and cold the home to werewolves - most common in the north.

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In the western reaches there is flat land that's where most of the people live. Most of Skyrim is sheer mountains, cliffs and valleys. Some crops are grown in Skyrim including wheat and snowberries. Skyrim is the only region in Tamriel, outside of the most northern reaches of High Rock and Morrowind, suitable for the brewing Nordic Whisky known as "Rotgut". The drink has a distinct cold taste like strong mint. The drink is illegal in Skyrim, but you can still get it from some sources.

Treasure Map Locations

Head directly south of those first few stone you pass by at the beginning of the game. You can take that first road south from those stones until you come to a sign on your right. Take a right at that sign and follow that road until you see the bandit camp on your left after a short walk.

Treasure Map III
Map Location: Riverside shack near Windhelm its on river Jorgrim. Watch out for the cave bear inside the shack. It's by a fort that starts with a M.
Treasure Location: Along the coast next to Solitude’s lighthouse.

Treasure Map IV
Map Location: Redorans Retreat, run west from Whiterun to Fort Greymoor, then head North.
Treasure Location: Pelagia Farm outsite Whiterun. Head south-west high up the mountains, on the large map it is just north east of the small blue part as the snow begins.

Treasure Map IX
Map Location: IX is on the dead body of Lucky L. A tree fell into his house and killed him so you don’t actually have to kill him yourself. His house is unmarked on the map. I don’t remember the exact location but it’s directly on the water somewhere between Aivarstead and Fort Amol.
Treasure Location: The treasure is near Riften in the very bottom-right of the map

Treasure Map X
Map Location: South of Whiterun to Falkreath Hold
Treasure Location: An underwater chest just next to the stone of the lady on the lake Klinalth north of Falkreach

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