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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle to appear in 'other' video games Death Rally is the first...

In December 2010, Rovio introduced the first DLC for Angry Birds, the Mighty Eagle. Now Rovio announce that their Mighty Eagle will soar across other applications.

 Rovio is opening up Mighty Eagle software development kit, making it availableto all. Developers can integrate the Mighty Eagle functionality into their games offering players a new experience familiar from Angry Birds games.

The Mighty Eagle SDK will be available for the iPhone platform. The first developer in will harness the power of the Mighty Eagle in the racing game Death Rally.

Mighty Eagle can be purchased in Angry Birds where the Mighty Eagle helps players stuck on a tricky level. Players who buy the Mighty Eagle will now also have his powers at their disposal in any other game that has integrated the Mighty Eagle.

Mighty Eagle will be extended to other platforms, as well.

About Death Rally
Death Rally is an intensive, action packed top-down racing game with addictive gameplay and guns, lots of guns. Make a run for the finish line with a trail of burnt rubber and spent brass behind you… along with the flaming wreckage of any fool dumb enough to get in your way.

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