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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lost in the City a chilling hidden object adventure PC game

lost in city cover with man and purple butterflyYou’ve just woken up in an abandoned city with no knowledge of how you got there. Can you solve the mystery and find your way home unscathed?

Lost in the City is a chilling hidden object adventure. Your first date with the beautiful and charming April was going well – but the last thing you remember is accepting what appeared to be an innocent cup of coffee. The next thing you know, you’re trapped in a room with nothing but your wits and a series of odd notes to aid your escape. How did you end up here, and how is April involved?

Travel from room to room hunting for items, solving puzzles and deciphering riddles as you try to find out exactly what happened to you – and why.

• 40 intriguing chapters
• Unique mini-games
• Two modes: timed or relaxed
• Breathtaking graphics
• Spooky and unsettling atmosphere will appeal to movie fans

Licensed from Big Fish Games, one of the world’s leading casual game publishers and developers, Lost in the City joins Focus Multimedia’s Essential range of best-selling PC games and software. Every Focus Essential title has the suggested retail price of just £9.78 including VAT.