Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday Morning RPG limited edition boxed version for PS4, PS Vita on January 29th

Only 1,980 PS4 versions and 2,500 PS Vita versions are available for $24.99.

200 copies of a CD bundle version at $39.99 are available with either version.

Saturday Morning RPG (SMRPG). An episodically epic role-playing game inspired by the best cartoons and pop culture icons the 80s had to offer, SMRPG is a love-letter to all your best childhood weekend memories.

SMRPG Features Include:
  • Original soundtrack by legendary composers Vince DiCola, best known for his work on Transformers: The Animated Movie, and Kenny Meriedeth, who worked on musical scores for over 200 popular cartoons and shows including Duck Tales, X-Men, and Power Rangers.
  • Touchscreen-controlled, timing-based combat inspired by classic JRPGs and legendary items from the 80s – use a Botchangers action figure to crush enemies as a semi-trailer truck, or a Joystick to start a video tennis barrage!
  • Progression system that lets players grow their character’s abilities to match their play style and mix and match magical scratch-and-sniff stickers they collect in-game to boost powers, de-buff enemies, and more.
  • Full season of planned, self-contained episodes that will tell the full tale of SMRPG hero Martin "Marty" Michael Hall’s battle against the forces of evil!

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