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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Robocraft major expansion, Full Spectrum Combat! - PC Mac

Creative robot engineering MMO Robocraft hits the first in a series of major expansions looking to drastically widen the array of game modes, weapons and cosmetics available.

The first phase titled ‘Full Spectrum Combat’ has brought with it the Paint Applicator which enables players a new dimension of robot customization. In this first iteration, players can use up to 16 colors to paint their robots as they please, with ease of use mechanics such as mirrored painting and instant fullrobot color fill included.

Battle Arena, Team Deathmatch and The Pit will be unlocked for all players regardless of their level as part of a twophase process to remove the tiering system. The focus is on allowing all players, old and new, to play together without causing disbalances in the team or equipment.

Passive component and armor regeneration is a new mechanic which empowers players who survive a skirmish by repairing their robot fully after a short out-of-combat period. This means less time dragging your wrecked creation back to base, and more time in battle!

A tech upgrade into Unity 5 sees the world of Robocraft running smoother, better and more efficiently too, as Freejam continues their efforts to optimize, leaving no toaster behind.

Full Spectrum Combat lays the foundation for a cleaner robot creation and destruction experience which will be revealed as Robocraft approaches the following phases.

About Robocraft
Robocraft is a hit robot crafting-shooter developed and published by Indie studio, Freejam. Build insane Robot Battle Vehicles that walk, drive, hover and fly; add weapons from the future and jump in the driving seat as you take them into battle in a team-based, Free-to-Win MMO.

Now, two years after Freejam was founded, Robocraft has over 6 million registered players. Why not join the Robocraft community and travel with the Freejamers on their incredible journey?

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