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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Point Break downloadable content (DLC) for Payday 2 - PC PS3 X360

Starbreeze will integrate characters and storylines from action thriller Point Break into PAYDAY 2.

The Point Break Heists and the Bodhi Character Pack for PAYDAY 2 will be released worldwide on December 3 in anticipation of the global release of Point Break, which opens in theaters beginning on December 25.
The Point Break Heists DLC for PAYDAY 2 will retail at $6.99 and contain two all new heists - Beneath the Mountain and Birth of Sky. The Bodhi Character Pack DLC will be free for all PAYDAY 2 players and will welcome Bodhi to the gang of heisters.

The unprecedented partnership between Starbreeze, 505, Alcon, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate builds upon a previous collaboration between Starbreeze and Lionsgate. The two companies worked together to integrate Lionsgate's popular John Wick film into PAYDAY 2 and subsequently developed the highly anticipated John Wick VR game, planned for release in Spring 2016.

The Point Break Heists include music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Point Break, available globally December 4th on ASG Records. As an extension of the collaboration, the lead single from the soundtrack, "Still Breathing," from Rock trio, Dig The Kid, is featured in the game's trailer and menus.


  • 2 new heists - Beneath the Mountain & Birth of Sky
  • 10 new achievements - 5 for each heist
  • A new pistol secondary weapon
  • Four melee weapons
  • 6 new songs added- 2 all-new heist themes composed Simon Viklund, and 4 menu themes from the Point Break soundtrack -
  • New contact - Locke
  • 4 masks

Bodhi Character Pack DLC - FREE

  1. Bodhi - a new playable character
  2. A new sniper rifle primary weapon
  3. A new melee weapon
  4. A new perk deck featuring 9 perks
  5. 2 new masks

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