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Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Puzzle Game ‘Brain Boss’ will find the Activity Level of Human Brain - iOS Android Windows

Tired of playing stereotype mindless games over and over? Looking for different memory concentration games for adults?

 Look no further as your answer lies with Brain Boss.

It's an exciting colour and number matching game that will test your brain's workout skill simply by tapping the correct answer on the screen. Sounds simple! But it will also improve your memory skills.

Brain Boss is designed scientifically to push you and your brain to the limits. You have to tap the right number with the right colour at the right time. There is a time window for each given number, and wrong taps will decrease your time for each round up to five times, after which the game ends and you get your results.

So, do you want to challenge your memory concentration ability? It’s a serial of taps, if you can.

- Fast paced. Challenging gameplay
- Minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasant UI
- Calculates your brain’s co-ordination capabilities and compares it against others!

If you are up to this brain concentration challenge, Download 'Brain Boss' now from App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows.

Available on:
  • Apple App Store
    App Store - here
  • Google Play
    Google Play - here
  • Amazon App Store
    Amazon App Store - here
  • Windows Phone
    Windows Phone - here

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