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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery with Rid Hazewich of Spooky Forces - PC Mac iOS Android Kindle

Rid your city of spooky forces that are trying to destroy your world! Rise against this mysterious and paranormal hazard that threatens Hazewich and the whole world!

Are you ready to confront the overwhelming evil to save your old town … and maybe the whole world? Witches are trying to conquer Hazewich, and threatening secrets from the past keep surfacing!

If that weren't enough, demons walk right by you, and scary symbols keep appearing in the morgue following enigmatic murders. Seven years have passed since your parents Audrey and Patrick went missing and you left Hazewich.

When your granddad asks you to come back urgently, it's clear that strange things are happening again. No one meets you at the station upon arrival, the town and its people are gloomily silent, electricity goes out for no reason and windows are framed with strange datura plants. Worse, there is no return date on your ticket! Are you doomed to stay here forever? Is this world even real? And could this all be related to the mysterious Mirror of Avatifa that broke many years ago? Meet lovely Amanda living next door and fight the devilry together. Wander the desolate streets and rid Hazewich of the spooky forces that are trying to destroy your world!

If you have a little obsession on mystic and paranormal activity you will admire this edition - Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery! Download this bright and beautiful hidden object adventure for FREE now, invite friends to join your community and don't forget to rate highly this game at stores!

Key Features:

  • Over 3000 heart-pounding quests to fulfill
  • 52 eerie hidden object scenes to search
  • 400+ collections to gather for bonuses and awards
  • 13 different types of mini-games to master
  • Regular free updates with loads of new content

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