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Monday, December 07, 2015

Just the ticket - Bus Simulator 16 Official HD game teaser trailer - PC Mac

In Bus Simulator 16, players must take on a variety of tasks in order to be successful, not only from a driving perspective but also a logistical one.

These range from making sure their bus remains on schedule and observes traffic rules, that the safety of their passengers is maintained, all the way up to adjusting and co-ordinating bus schedules, the efficient organisation of personnel and the overall management of their very own public transport company.

The integrated reputation system within the game will also track how successful the player is at the game, taking in to account if the aspiring bus entrepreneur is punctual, manages to master their vehicles’ controls, observes traffic rules and makes the right decision in numerous everyday situations. These include passengers hurrying late to bus stops, jammed and blocked doors or construction sites and traffic jams that would be better avoided. Players will also be selling tickets and should always be responsive to the different needs of their customers.

Thanks to the open and freely drivable city, carefully recreated licensed vehicles, an extensive management component along with a co-operative multiplayer mode and numerous modding possibilities, Bus Simulator 16 will offer almost unlimited hours of interesting and challenging gameplay.

Bus Simulator 16 will be available on January 20th, 2016 for PC and Mac OS either in retail or on digital download platforms for €24.99/£18.99 GBP.
The digital download version can also be found on Steam:

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